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English as a Second Language (ESL)

Minor, Certification

The Department of Secondary Education has provided a pathway for students who are interested in teaching ESL. The Pennsylvania Department of Education lists ESL as the number one teacher shortage area in PA. In order to prepare educators to fill this shortage, Kutztown University's Department of Secondary Education offers a minor in ESL education. Candidates successfully completing this program are also eligible to receive the ESL Education Endorsement Certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Education after receiving a Level I instructional certificate. 

Required Courses: 18 credits

  • EDU/MLS 428: Culture and Diversity of English Learners
  • EDU/MLS 434: Instructional Methodology for English Learners
  • EDU/MLS 435: Language Acquisition and English Linguistics
  • EDU/MLS 436: Assessment of English Learners
  • EDU/MLS 437: Protocols and Practices for PA ESL Programs
  • EDU 411 or SPA 110

EDU 411: Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages to Early Second Language Learners

SPA 110: Spanish for Educators

(Please contact the Secondary Education office for a grid sheet.)

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