CLAS Committees

The faculty of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences serve on several college-level committees, as well as being representatives and leaders throughout the university community. 

CLAS Committees:

The CLAS Assessment Committee works to ensure the college's commitment to the assessment process and to help their colleagues take advantage of how assessment can enhance the classroom experience for our students.

The CLAS Curriculum Committee (LAS-CC) is dedicated to examining new and revised course and program material that is proposed by faculty members and departments.  They help to open channels of communication between colleges and departments to work together to promote quality courses for our students.

The Lab Safety Committee mission is to promote quality, exciting, practical science, in a safe and healthy learning environment. The committee fosters safety awareness and assists faculty, staff and students in achieving a safe and healthy learning environment in which to pursue research, teaching, and other science education related activities. The committee is designed to assist in educating the University community regarding compliance with regulations related to health, safety, and protection of the environment. 

The CLAS Technology Committee meets to help facilitate communication about the technological needs of the college.  A representative from this committee serves as liaison to the Academic Technology Committee.

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee assures standards in caring for animals in our facilities and reviews research proposals regarding appropriate use of those animals.