The Collage Newsletter

The Collage Newsletter May 2020

The May 2020 issue is a special edition of The Collage celebrating the 2020 graduating class of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The Collage Newsletter April 2020

The April 2020 edition of The Collage features Professor of English Jeffrey Voccola and Philosophy and Mathematics double major Paul Barton.

The Collage Newsletter March 2020

This issue features Takumi Hawes, a junior dual major in Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Dr. Sudarshan Fernando, professor of Physics.

The Collage Newsletter December 2019

This issue features Cynthia Diaz, a senior English major and Dr. Richard Heineman, professor of Biology.

The Collage Newsletter November 2019

This issue features Tracy Alcée, a junior Psychology major and Dr. Gregory Hanson, professor of Modern Language Studies.

The Collage Newsletter October 2019

This issue features Dr. John Stanley, professor of History, and Carolyn Rene, junior Social Work major.

The Collage Newsletter May 2019

This issue features Dr. Thomas Betts, professor of chemistry, and professional writing alumna, Mrs. Jackie Brusch

The Collage Newsletter April 2019

This issue features the Writing Center and the PA German Cultural Heritage Center.

The Collage Newsletter March 2019

This issue features Dr. Dylan Schwesinger, Assistant Professor of computer science, and Will Reichard-Flynn, geology major.

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