LAS Curriculum Committee

  • Committee Members 2019-2020

    Jason Crockett

    Cristen Rosch
    (UCC Representative 1)

    Charlie Shim
    Computer Science & Information Technology

    Lindsey Runell
    Criminal Justice
    (UCC Representative 2)

    Jennifer Forsyth

    Moira Conway


    David Beougher
    LAS Dean's Office

    Eric Landquist

    Carolina Moctezuma
    Modern Language Studies

    Joseph Jedwab

    Matthew Junker
    Physical Science

    George Hale
    Political Science & Public Administration
    (GEC Representative)

    Catherine Best

    Sharon Lyter
    Social Work

    Student Representative

  • Meeting Schedule 2019-2020

    Meetings are held at 11 am in Graduate Center, room 200, unless otherwise noted.

    September 5, 2019
    (Agenda deadline: August 27, 2019 - Last meeting to submit for UCC Winter/Spring)

    September 10, 2019
    (Continuation meeting, held if needed)

    October 3, 2019
    (Agenda deadline: September 24, 2019)

    November 7, 2019
    (Agenda deadline: October 22, 2019)

    January 30, 2020
    (Agenda deadline: January 21, 2020 - Last meeting to submit for UCC Summer/Fall)

    February 4, 2020
    (Continuation meeting, held if needed)

    March 5, 2020
    (Agenda deadline: February 25, 2020)

    April 2, 2020
    (Agenda deadline: March 24, 2020)

  • Bylaws

    I. Purpose

    The Curriculum Committee of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences functions as the representative body of the College in all curricular matters.

     II. Membership and Selection

    1. The Committee consists of one representative from each department of the College, the Dean of the College or his/her designee, and one student representative.
    2. Each department of the College shall elect one representative from its full-time faculty who have served in a tenured/tenure-track position for at least two continuous years.
    3. The student representative shall be selected in a manner decided by the Student Government Board. S/he must be a Liberal Arts and Sciences College major with a minimum of sixty-four credits.
    4. In event a representative is not able to attend a meeting he/she shall select another member from his/her unit to attend.

     III. Terms

    1. Faculty terms shall have no limit. To provide continuity, half of the committee faculty members will be elected each year. The initial representation shall be divided by lot into one-year and two-year terms.
    2. If a faculty member is unable to complete his/her term, a departmental election shall be held to fill the unexpired term.
    3. The student representative term shall be one year.

     IV. Voting

    1. All members of the Committee have full voting rights.
    2. Substitute members shall enjoy full voting rights.
    3. Voting shall require a simple majority of those present and voting in all cases except:
      1. amending the Bylaws, which shall require an extraordinary majority of two-thirds, and
      2. those actions which normally require an extraordinary majority according to Robert’s Rules of Order, e.g., to shut-off debate or suspend the rules.

    V.  Officers and Representatives

    1. The Committee shall elect a Chair and one Vice-Chair who shall preside in the absence of the Chair.
    2. The initial meeting of the year will be called by the Dean of the College who shall preside until a Chair and Vice-Chair have been elected.
    3. At the initial meeting of the year, the Committee shall decide whether to elect a Secretary or to use a College/department secretary, if possible.
    4. The Chair shall:
      1. conduct meetings
      2. determine the schedule of the meetings;
      3. appoint sub-committees;
      4. coordinate with the Chair of the University Curriculum Committee; and,
      5. perform such other duties as the Committee may direct or as specified in Robert’s Rules of Order.
    5. The Committee shall elect two representatives and two alternates to the University Curriculum Committee at its initial meeting. The term of a representative/alternate shall be two years, with the terms of the two representatives/alternates to be staggered to provide continuity.
      1. For the initial formation of the University Committee, two representatives and two alternates will be elected.
      2. The University Committee will then by lot select which of the representatives/alternates will serve only one year and which will serve the two-year terms.
      3. Thereafter, the Committee will elect one representative and one alternate at its organizational meeting each year.

     IV. Agenda

    1. The agenda shall consist of the following in order of priority:
      1. announcements, including one-time only courses and Special Topics courses;
      2. matters considered by the Chair to be of an emergency nature;
      3. procedural matters;
      4. reports;
      5. old business;
      6. curricular proposals from departments, to be considered in the order in which they are received by the Chair. Proposals may be considered out of order only by the vote of the Committee, and
      7. any matter submitted to the Chair by any member of the faculty, administration, or student of the College, which, in the judgment of the Chair, should be appropriately considered by the Committee.
    2. A copy of the agenda for meetings and minutes of the previous meeting, as well as copies of any curricular proposals to be considered at the forthcoming meetings, shall be sent to the members of the Committees at least one week in advance, if possible.

    VII. Format for Curricular Proposals

    1. A format for curricular proposals to be submitted to the Committee will be developed by the Committee in consultation with the University Curriculum Committee. The format will by appendixed to these Bylaws.
    2. The format will be followed by all departments submitting a curricular proposal to the Committee.
    3. All curricular proposals must include a clear statement of intent, a rational for the change, and the differences between the existing program and the proposed change.
    4. The submitting department is responsible for providing the Chair with sufficient copies of the proposal, as indicated in the format, to distribute to the members of the Committee. If the proposal is approved for submission to the University Curriculum Committee, the number of copies of the proposal to be forwarded must be provided by the submitting department.

    VIII. Amendment of the Bylaws

    The Bylaws may be amended at any time with the approval of two-thirds of the full membership of the Committee.

     XI. Rules of Order

    1. Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the Committee’s procedures in all cases where applicable.
    2. A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the members of the full Committee.
    3. Voting shall be by a simple majority of those present and voting in the presence of a quorum in all cases except:
      1. amending the Bylaws which shall require an extraordinary majority of two-thirds of the full Committee; and,
      2. those actions which normally require an extraordinary majority according to Robert’s Rules of Order, e.g., to cut off debate or suspend the rules.
    4. No member of the faculty, administration, or student body will be barred from meetings, or prevented from expressing his/her views, so long as s/he is ruled in order by the Chair and so long as the physical facilities will accommodate him/her.


    Approved 03/14/90

  • Procedures

    Department level:

    1. Obtain a yellow Curriculum Proposal Cover Sheet from your department secretary.

    2. Check appropriate Action Items (Table 1).

    3. Produce the required supplementary documentation (Table 3).

    4. Get approval of your department for the changes (department vote/Table 2).

    5. Obtain an LAS-CC Identification Number* from the LAS-CC support - Lisa Meyers by email ( Please indicate this is LAS-CC business in the subject line. You must indicate the following in your email request:

      • Prefix and course number for existing courses

      • The exact title of your proposal

      • Contact person with their email address and/or phone number

      • Type of proposal (e.g., new course, change in syllabus, etc. See Table 1 of cover sheet.)


    MAT 105

    College Algebra

    Paul Ache

    change in syllabus


    Stars, Galaxies and Black Holes

    Phill Reed

    new course


    Stars, Galaxies and Black Holes

    Phill Reed


    SOC 224

    Immigration and Assimilation

    Mauricia John


    *IF you are creating a new course AND it is to be offered online via Distance Education you will need to request separate routing numbers (one for the new course, one for the online part).

    1. Neatly type or write your LAS-CC Identification Number in ink in the appropriate box on your yellow Curriculum Proposal Cover Sheet.

    2. Print one original yellow Curriculum Proposal Cover Sheet, with an original signature by your department chair in blue ink. This is your “ONE ORIGINAL.” Using blue ink will indicate an original copy.

    Routing Your Proposal for LAS-CC:

    Deliver the ONE ORIGINAL to the LAS Dean’s Office (Graduate Center 205) by the appropriate deadline indicated in the schedule.

    Delivery exceptions*:
    One-time only proposals are to be delivered directly to UCC.
    Distance Education (online) proposals for existing courses are to be delivered directly to UCC.
    Selected topics proposals (if the department already has a general selected topics course on the books) are to be delivered directly to UCC.

     *Even though it is not required to send these to the LAS Dean’s Office, please send one courtesy copy.

     At the LAS-CC meeting:

    1. Paperwork must be submitted by the deadlines in order for your proposal to appear on the agenda. When it appears on the agenda your department representative, accompanied by optional backup faculty, should present your proposal during the meeting.

    2. The four things that can happen to your proposal at the meeting and what to do about it:

      1. If your proposal passes with no corrections or amendments then: 

        • The LAS-CC Chairperson will sign your ONE ORIGINAL in the presence of your department representative during or immediately following the LAS-CC meeting.

          • If your representative is unable to stay after the meeting while the proposal is being signed, they must make arrangements with Lisa Meyers in order to pick up the signed proposal from the LAS Dean’s Office.

        • Follow the UCC Routing procedures below.

      2. If your proposal was approved with revisions pending signature (small changes, but still ok), then:

        • After the meeting, take the ONE ORIGINAL with you. It will NOT have the LAS-CC chair signature.

        • Make the suggested changes and seek department approval if necessary.

        • Email a revised copy to the LAS-CC chair, copy Lisa Meyers (

        • Once the revisions are confirmed by the LAS-CC chair, you (or the contact person) must arrange a time to meet the LAS-CC chair for a signature on the ONE ORIGINAL coversheet.

        • Follow the UCC Routing procedures below.

      3. If your proposal was tabled, then: You (and the contact person) must address the concerns of the committee.

        • Once the changes have been made, you may choose to resubmit the proposal for a future meeting.

          • If this is done within the same academic year, the same LAS-CC routing number may be used. LAS-CC routing numbers expire at the end of the academic year.

      4. If the proposal was rejected, then:

        • Your (and the contact person) must address the concerns of the committee.

    3. After the meeting, department reps should:
      1. Let your department and contact person know if the proposal was a) approved, b) approved with revisions pending signature, c) tabled, or d) rejected.

      2. Take the appropriate action

     Routing your proposal for the University Curriculum Committee (UCC)

    1. Scan and upload the ONE ORIGINAL proposal to the UCC Share Point website: http://intranet/sites/committees/ucc/submissions/SitePages/Home.aspx

    2. Name the document with the LAS ID number.

    3. At this time, you can deliver your ONE ORIGINAL to the UCC Secretary (Lisa Brennan, Provost Office, 319 Stratton Administration Center, by the deadline indicated in the schedule.

    4. It is your responsibility to make sure your proposal is delivered by the deadline for the next UCC meeting. You can verify this by calling Lisa Brennan (3-4220). It is important that you or someone from your department represent your proposal(s) at the UCC meeting. The UCC meeting schedule is at

    IMPORTANT NOTE: It is the responsibility of your representative to get department approval and provide the appropriate materials by the designated deadlines. The LAS Dean’s office is a drop-off site and works in coordination with the LAS-CC Chairperson to distribute your proposals to LAS-CC.

    Please note the time between approval in LAS-CC and the UCC deadline is very short.

    Reviewed  8/29/19 JF

    Lisa Meyers ( maintains the proposal ID database. Please contact her via email to get ID numbers assigned for your proposals.

  • Links to UCC and GEC
  • Link to D2L LAS-CC page

    The LAS D2L page contains the meeting documents including the agenda and minutes. Please reach out to your committee members for details.