Employer Reimbursement Deferments

Students who are entitled to reimbursement of tuition from their employers may request an Employer Reimbursement Deferment (ERD).  This would allow the student to pay a small portion by the due date and pay the rest by an assigned date below (KU determined).  Only complete requests will be reviewed and complete submission must be done by the due date on the charges.

The request can be made between the billing date and the due date on the initial bill received.  The charges must be showing on MyKU.  Once the due date has passed or the semester starts, this option is no longer available. 

Submit a complete request (3 items detailed below). The deferred portion of the bill (balance of the costs not covered by the payment below) will be due as stated on the form you sign.  The deferred portion due date assigned is non-negotiable. Please make note of the due date and ensure it is met to avoid late fees, account holds or loss of this opportunity going forward.

Click here for the Summer 2021 Request Form ($350 per course)

Click here for the Fall 2021 Request Form ($400 per course)

  • Do not make a request or payment until your charges show for the semester or session.
  • Requests for Fall 2021 will not be accepted until the student shows Fall 2021 charges or when they are billed in mid-July whichever comes first.
  • Payment per course has increased to $400 per course effective Fall 2021
Request  Requirements

Request this deferment online ONLY when the session or semester charges are showing in MyKU.  All 3 items are required each and every semester or session you attend.  Incomplete requests are not processed.

  • KU Form is completed online when the session or semester charges are showing online in MyKU.  This is your agreement to the deferred due date and process. Upload your proof with the request form.
  • Proof of Benefit upload this with your request form.  Various items will suffice for this proof.  The most of which is a document showing the course or courses were approved by your employer.  A letter from your employer stating your eligibility for employer reimbursement may be submitted as well.
  • $400 Payment per course can be made online in MyKU by the due date assigned.  This amount is posted to the students account as a credit towards billed charges (not towards any specific fee or tuition charge).  If the session or semester charges are not showing - the payment will post to the oldest charges first, even if they are in deferment.
Balance Due
  • The $400 per course went towards the tuition and fees due on MyKU.  The deferred portion (balance due) due date is on your agreement form.  This cannot be extended/altered based on your specific employer reimbursement dates or method.  These dates and amounts are firm.
  • Fall deferment balance due date is Jan 30th
  • Winter deferment balance due date is Feb 27th
  • Spring deferment balance due date is Sept 15th
  • Summer deferment balance due date is Sept 15th
  • Accounts must be in good standing to be eligible for an Employer Reimbursement Tuition deferment.
  • Requests must be submitted in full prior to the due date assigned to the original charges to be considered.
  • Requests may be approved or denied.
  • Denials may occur for prior default status, collections placement, or incomplete requests.
  • If the balance on the account is not paid by the Expiry Date on the form signed, a late fee of $50 may be assessed as well as a block from transcripts/diploma or registration.
  • Reimbursement requests - we suggest using the initial bill you received that shows the full amount of tuition and fees prior to your payment or along with your payment of $400.

More Questions?  Please contact Student Accounts - studentaccounts@kutztown.edu


Print your transcript or grade report promptly at the conclusion of the course and submit the reimbursement request to your employer immediately.  Any delay in payment of the tuition may result in a late fee and/or restriction placed on the account.  If an account is restricted due to non-payment, you will be unable to register for future terms, obtain transcripts (both official and unofficial), or receive a diploma. If your account is restricted, we cannot lift it until the delinquent payment is made in full.  This includes allowing your transcript to print for a reimbursement request. 

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