Transferring to KU & Financial Aid

All students applying for financial aid, including on-campus work opportunities, must have a FAFSA form on file. This includes out-of-state students. International students are exempt. Please review the Apply for Financial Aid section if you have not done so.

If you already filed the FAFSA or the renewal FAFSA

  • Release the PA State Grant information to KU: Complete the "College Enrollment Change/Student Authorization Statement" with the KU Financial Aid Services Office. This form is available from KU Financial Aid and should be returned to the Financial Aid Services Office when it is completed.
  • Release the Pell grant information to KU: Update the information on your FAFSA and submit it online so your federal record will be released to KU.

If you had a Stafford loan certified for another school and you will be at KU that semester

  • Contact the other school to cancel any loans certified for the period you will be at Kutztown.
  • Contact the KU Financial Aid Office to let us know you want to be reviewed for a loan at KU.

Certification of enrollment to defer repayment of loans

  • For Stafford loans: The KU Registrar's Office will report all enrolled students to a loan clearinghouse six to eight times per year. This information is transmitted to lenders, loan servicers and guarantors to verify that you are still in school. You must be enrolled for at least six credits per semester and accepted into a degree program to have Stafford Loans deferred.
  • For Perkins loans: Contact the school(s) from which you received a Perkins Loan and request a Perkins Loan deferment form. Complete the deferment form and return it to the KU Registrar. The Registrar will notify the Perkins Loan servicer that you are still in school. You must be enrolled for at least six credits per semester to have Perkins Loans deferred.

Financial aid transcripts

The KU Financial Aid Services Office will query a national database for financial aid transcripts from all prior post-secondary schools you have attended. Even if you did not receive any financial aid at another school, KU Financial Aid Services must confirm this directly. All financial aid transcripts must be collected before any federal financial aid can be disbursed to you at Kutztown University.

Academic transcripts

Request all prior post-secondary schools to send academic transcripts to the KU Registrar. Be sure the transcripts are up to date so that you can be evaluated for all possible credits that may transfer into Kutztown University as soon as possible.