Viewing Your Bills

Kutztown University sends email notifications of monthly activity in MyKU to student KU email accounts only. Paper bills (invoices) are not mailed. Below we share steps to view bills and other common concerns. View a sample bill. 

  • Bills are similar to a credit card statement - including prior balance, current activity and new balance due - we don't charge interest - late fees may apply!
  • Charges are assigned a due date and these are reflected in MyKU.  The assigned due date supersedes any invoice assigned due date.
Locating the Bills

Log into MyKU > select the KU Financial Account tile > Click on the View Bills button

  • Bill history will show in a chart
  • Click on Bill Number for charges that appear on that bill only
  • Click on View Bill (right side) to see the pdf bill that has the KU logo and schedule with it
    • If this bill doesn't open - you have a pop-up blocker prohibiting it from opening - ALWAYS allow pop-ups from
Fall & Spring Semester Billing

The following 2 items must be completed by the Due Date to secure enrollment.

  1. Intent to Attend (only after billing is processed), AND
  2. Payment - prior session or semester balances will not be covered by current aid

It is possible that your Pending/Authorized Aid appears and is enough to cover all charges due, this would show the Total Due for that semester as 0.00.  With this - all you need to do is make the Intent to Attend.

HOWEVER in most cases, the Pending/Authorized Aid is not enough to cover all charges due and there will be a Total Due amount showing that needs to be paid by the due date.

Covering the Total Due payment options:

  • Pay in Full
    • MyKU > KU Financial Account tile > Click on Payment Dashboard button
    • Mail a payment but it must arrive by the due date (allow 1 week for mail and processing)
  • Signup for a Payment Plan
    • MyKU > KU Financial Account tile > Click on Payment Dashboard button
  • Apply for additional loans - they must show as Pending/Authorized Aid in MyKU by the due date to avoid late fees or classes being dropped
    • Review Additional Funding Options
    • Allow 2 weeks for loans to be added to MyKU from the date of final approval
    • Apply for additional loan needs in June for the full academic year
      • While we do not enourage applying for loans each semester, you can. Apply in June for Fall and October for Spring

Service Indicators Used on KU Tasks

Service indicators are notes on MyKU that can be positive, negative or informative.  They can be found MyKU > KU Tasks tile.  Sometimes we will receive notice from Financial Aid that a student is cleared for aid but it won't show for some time yet and we want to note the account.  If a student signs up for a payment plan we have to note the account.  A student may use a 529 plan that will take some time to arrive

  • Classes Safe is a positive indicator - this note secures a schedule from late fees and getting dropped since the funding is sufficient to cover the full Total Due.
  • Pending Funds is an informative indicator - this is just a note that some funding is pending arrival but it is not sufficient to cover the full Total Due.

Important Notes about Financial Aid

  1. Financial Aid must show as pending/anticipated for it to count as payment.
  2. Awarded Financial Aid is not considered pending or anticipated.
  3. Having Financial Aid in the past does not mean a student has Financial Aid now.

Session Billing - Winter & Summer

The following 1 item must be completed by the Due Date assigned to the charges in MyKU to secure enrollment.  Note - you may not have a bill for your charges that are due.  If one is required or needed, please email us.

  1. Payment
    • Prior session or semester balances will not be covered by current aid.

Each session will have its own payment information page for more details, due dates and requirements.

What is the Intent to Attend?

This small item means alot to all students and KU.   This item is located on the MyKU splash page and is a double sized tile.  Check the No to a YES and click SAVE.

What it means:

  • KU knows you plan to attend the semester indicated
  • KU can report your enrollment to the State System
  • Financial Aid can disburse when cleared

It is used for Fall & Spring semesters only.

Failure to complete this item may result in the loss of your schedule.

Common Topics of Concern and Where to Turn

Financial Aid - Financial Aid must be showing as pending/anticipated.  Awarded Aid will not be considered as valid payment.  If you do not see pending/anticipated aid or any aid at all - urgently speak to Financial Aid Services for guidance and assistance; 610-683-4077.  Financial Aid emails may take a few days to a week for a response, a phone call is encouraged for urgent needs.

  • Check the To Do's - MyKU > Holds area - click on To Do's
  • Entrance Counseling and MPN's are required for students attending KU for the first time at Students use their own FSA ID to do so.
  • Parent PLUS Loan applications and Parent PLUS MPN's are completed at the same site under Parent Borrowers - the parent's log in with their FSA ID (not the students).

TAP/529 - If you have a TAP/529 account, please print your invoice (or save the pdf) and submit like you normally do (upload online for quicker processing). Provide the Office of Student Accounts with proof of that request submission (confirmation page) so that we can defer that portion of your account while that payment is processed, as we do understand it can take a few weeks to be sent. Please scan and email this proof, or fax it to us at 610-683-4674.

Payment Plans - We have a payment plan process that is easy to use and posts right away!  You will love it!  Please check out our webpage FIRST before signing up and making payments.  All sign ups and payments must be made on the Payment Plan Dashboard to be counted as a plan or plan payment.

Military - You must provide proof of your benefit and contact the Office of Student Accounts every semester. Since benefits do expire and can be exhausted, we cannot transfer exemptions from term to term.  We will add military benefits we can consider as courtesy credits.  Only military funding that comes to KU directly can be considered.  You must have supplied the appropriate documentation AND completed your Veterans Enrollment Certification Form in the Registrar's Office for this to occur.

Employer Reimbursement Deferments - This option allows students who have an employer paying some, or all of their bill, to defer most of the costs to a later date. Must submit a request online with all required items by the due date and have an account in good standing to be eligible.  Those with prior collections actions will be denied this option.

Prior Term Debts:

Prior term debts, such as residence hall damages, health center visits or ID fees MUST be paid by you.  Current Financial aid will NOT pay a prior term, or session balance, per federal regulations.  For future incidental charges within the term, you may be able to use your Financial Aid to cover them if you Grant Permissions to us to do so.  See our site for the steps to do this.


Online Payment Error Help - with many browsers out there, this list of help can change - check here for simply ways to help online access and payments.

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