Viewing Your Bills

Kutztown University sends notifications that a bill/statement is ready to view for initial bills, mid-semester and end of semester.  In between these time frames students will need to view the On Demand statements found on the Payment Dashboard (New MyKU).  These bills/statements are produced when there is any activity on the account, payments or charges.  Log in and verify all looks current, accurate and to make a payment when needed.

Kutztown University does not mail bills - online only!

  • Bills are similar to a credit card statement - including prior balance, current activity and new balance due - we don't charge interest but late fees may apply!
  • Charges are assigned a due date and these are reflected in MyKU.  The assigned due date supersedes any due date found on an invoice/bill/statement.

Changes to Student Information System AND Payment System!

You may have heard that Kutztown University is changing our Student Information System, but did you know we are also changing our payment provider? Lots of changes are coming so please keep your eyes peeled for notices and updates throughout the next few months!

  • Fall 2024 will start billing in NEW MyKU no sooner than July 19th using a NEW Payment Dashboard supported by TouchNet.
  • Spring 2024/Summer 2024 will continue to use Legacy MyKU for billing and the Payment Dashboard supported by CASHNet/Transact.
authorized users / payers

Billing email notifications are sent to student KU email accounts only. However, a student can add authorized users to get these billing emails as well.  Authorized Users will be able to save their payment information and set up payment plans just like the students!

Authorized Users NEW MyKU - Available to set up now for Fall billing and forward

  • Student adds the Authorized User via their log on credentials. Student Directions
    • NEW MyKU > Student Accounts card > Payment Dashboard (may say Fall 2024 plans)
  • Authorized User will get emails and have to complete the process. User Directions
  • Authorized Users will have their own link to the NEW Payment Dashboard - click here.

Summer 2024 and before - payer access:

Payer Access remains for the Legacy Payment Dashboard - Payer Access Payment Dashboard is how the payer will log in.

Billing Format and Location

Spring 2024 / Summer 2024

Statements are found online only MyKU > KU Financial Account tile > Payment Dashboard > Statements. 

Fall 2024 and after

Statements and billing will be processed in NEW MyKU no sooner than July 19th.  Students can begin adding Authorized Users to get billing emails and they can start setting up Fall 2024 payment plans.  Remember, the NEW Payment Dashboard will have limited functionality until the official bills are produced online.

NEW MyKU > Student Accounts card > Payment Dashboard (may say Fall 2024 plans) > Statemetns will be on the front page or under My Account.

Fall & Spring Semester Billing

Fall charges are typically due early August. 

Spring charges are typically due the first business day in January.

With implementing a new student information system, New MyKU - these date and schedules are subject to change.

Payment must be received by the due date to secure your schedule and room assignment if elected.  Not only are late fees possible if not paid on time, classes may be dropped for non-payment.  If this occurs, any room assignment may be cancelled as well.  PREPAYMENT of what was due will be needed to re-enroll in new courses based on availability.

Session Billing - Winter & Summer

Summer & Winter Session charges are due based on when a student enrolls (is registered).

Summer 2024 will be the final session/term in Legacy MyKU.

Payment is required by the due date assigned to your charges.  Summer and Winter courses that are not paid on time will be removed for non-payment.

    Each session will have its own payment information webpage for more details, due dates and requirements.  Session due dates are created based on the registration date.

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