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Below this general information, you will find additional information about the bills at KU.  If you can't find what you are looking for, no problem - call or email us today!

instructional mode impacts

Course instruction mode in the system of record is how the course will be recognized for billing purposes.

For Billing Purposes:

  • Distance Education / 100% Online
    • Courses that are listed as 80% or more online fit this category only.
  • Off-Campus
    • Internships
  • Face to Face
    • All other courses such as those online 79% or less, hybrid, blended, 100% face to face or available to attend virtually or in person at the student's discretion daily (multi-modal).

NOTE: A private accommodation between a student & professor to complete work online when the course is not designed, or listed as a 100% online course, does not qualify as a 100% online course for billing purposes.

Non-PA Residents discounted tuition rate for online courses applies as follows:

  • Part-time enrollment (less than 12 credits) regardless of where the student lives during the semester.
  • Full-time enrollment in an Online Only program (B.A. Sociology online, B.A. Communication Studies online only) not living on campus.

    • How is the assessment of the Required Fees determined?
      Required Fees

      Students Living On Campus will be billed as follows:

      • All required fees will apply for students living on campus regardless of instruction mode.

      Students Living Off-Campus will be billed as follows:

      • 100% Online schedule - Tuition Technology Fee, Instructional Service and Campus Support Fees will apply.  First semester students will have Academic Records Fee, Advanced Registration fee and First SGA fee.
        • Student can elect to add (purchase) access to the Recreation Center
        • Student can elect to add (purchase) access to the Health Center (you must have paid the fee in order to receive services).
        • Student can elect to add Student Government to participate in events and to vote or hold office.
      • 100% Face to Face or combination of face-to-face & online (mixed enrollment) - All required fees will apply.
      • 100% Off-Campus - Tuition Technology Fee, Instructional Service and Campus Support Fees will apply. 
        • Student Teachers will be billed Student Government as in the past.

    • Non-PA Residents - how does the discounted online rate apply?

      Non-PA Residents are offered a discounted tuition rate for 100% online courses as follows:

      1. Undergraduate Part Time Enrollment - taking less than 12 credits regardless of where the student lives during the semester.

      2. Undergraduate Full Time Enrollment in an Online Only program of study (B.A. Sociology online, B.A. Communication Studies online)

      3. Graduate Enrollment in an Online Only program of study (Masters of Fine Arts)

    • What are the various Instruction Modes and how do they impact charges?

      Instruction Mode is the method of course delivery as listed in the system of record.   For billing purposes we recognize three different modes.

      Distance Education / 100% Online

      • Courses that are listed as 80% or more online


      • Internships

      Face to Face (In-Person)

      • All other courses, such as those online 79% or less, hybrid, blended, 100% face to face (even if available to attend virtually or in person at the students discretion daily (multi-modal)).

      NOTE: A private agreement between a student and a professor to complete work online when the course is not designed, or listed as such, will not qualify as 100% Distance Education or Online for billing purposes.

    • Where can I locate the billing statement - not just an amount due?

      MyKU > KU Financial Account tile > Payment Dashboard > Statements - those not previously opened or viewed will say NEW.

      These documents are maroon/gold and are pdf's that you can save and use for 529's, scholarships etc.

      If you see a View Bills option - that is only for history and these statements are missing critical information found on the Payment Dashboard Statements.

    • Why do I keep getting emails about the same bill/statement?

      You will get a reminder email about your bill/statement if you do not view it or download it. If the word NEW appears next to the bill, it has not been viewed. It is best to always look at the bill/statement to be sure that any charges or payments are accurate and if they are not you have time to investigate and avoid any holds or late fees later.

    • How often do you bill?

      We bill at the beginning of each month when there is activity on the account (charges or payments), sometimes more often with initial semester billing.

    • What types of charges are on the bill/statement?

      Tuition, required fees, KU housing, and KU meal charges. Additionally, miscellaneous items such as ID replacements, parking tickets, health center visits may be included.

      Pending Aid will reduce the charges due. If you expected aid and don't see it, please contact Financial Aid urgently.  Awarded aid doesn't impact the balance due.

      Some aid may not pay miscellaneous items unless you grant permission before the charge is posted.

    • How much do I personally owe?

      The detailed bill/statement located on the Payment Dashboard, shows various sections to help you determine the bottom line.

      Statement information - Charges section, Payments & Aid section, Refunds section and Pending Financial Aid section.

      Term Summary - shows charges grouped by Tuition, General Fees, Miscellaneous, Housing and Meals.

      The Total Due in the gold bar at the top will show you what we are expecting to be paid. If you expected pending aid and don't see any, contact Financial Aid urgently.

      On MyKU > KU Financial Account tile - when this opens charges and pending aid will show right on that screen as well.  The balance due is what we are expecting payment for.

      Click on the Payment Dashboard option to get to the NEW bill and see all of the details needed.  If you need an updated statement - simply select Activity Details on the Payment Dashboard for a real time assessment of the account.

    • How can I make the payment?

      Log into MyKU > KU Financial Account tile > Payment Dashboard. On the Payment Dashboard, you can make a payment in full or sign up for an open payment plan. We offer a lot of payment options. If you are using a 529/TAP account to pay us, please review what is needed by our office to secure the account.

    • When is the bill due?

      Due dates are determined by the date of registration, or when the charge is added. 

      Fall and Spring charges follow a calendar and if you register during early registration periods - Fall is due early August and Spring is due early January.  Late registrations may allow 2 weeks for payments.

      Summer/Winter charges have specific due dates based on when you register for classes. Please be sure to check online what the due date is for your specific charges.

      Changes to schedules, housing and meals, may alter some of the due dates.

    • What happens if I don't pay my bill by the due date?

      Using several factors the following are options that can occur if the bill is not paid in full on time. 

      • Classes may be dropped.
      • Room assignments may be removed.
      • Late fees may be assessed.
      • Accounts may be blocked from future registration.

      If classes are dropped, prepayment would be required to make a NEW schedule based on class availability at that time if Add Drop is still open. The original schedule may no longer be available.

    • What is the Intent to Attend I am hearing about?

      This is a double-sized tile on the MyKU wall.  This is required every Fall and Spring semester for all students (undergraduate and graduate). Change the No to a Yes and click Save.

      This allows KU to report your enrollment to the state, shows us you are definitely going to attend the semester and will allow any aid you may be receiving to disburse when attendance is verified.

      Not clicking this doesn't withdraw you from the semester, if you wish to withdraw, please visit the Registrar's Office webpage and complete a Withdrawal / Leave of Absence form.  The date the withdrawal form is received by the Registrars Office is the date your withdrawal will be recorded.

    • What does Classes Safe mean in the Positive Indicators on KU Tasks?

      This positive indicator under KU Tasks means that we are considering the funds not yet here as valid payment at this moment. The classes the student has will not be dropped even if there is a balance due showing. Items that usually cause this positive indicator are having a payment plan in good standing, a confirmation of a 529 payment that is sufficient to cover the bill and other items.

      This is subject to change if a payment plan is reduced, payment is returned, 529 plan payment never arrives, or charges are increased.

    • What does Pending Funds mean in the Positive Indicators on KU Tasks?

      This positive indicator under KU Tasks means that we are only making a note about funds not yet here, but they are not a valid payment at this moment. The classes the student has are still in jeopardy of being dropped or late fees assessed as the funds are not enough to sufficiently cover the bill.

    • Why isn't my aid showing on the bill (not moving from awarded to pending)?

      There are many reasons why aid may not have moved from Awarded to Pending. Awarded aid if you will remember doesn't count towards your bill as a payment option, only Pending Aid does. Look at your KU Tasks tile - are there items in the To-Do line? If so, click on the line and take care of those items immediately.

      NEW Freshmen students and some Transfer students

      NEW Transfer students

      • Did you do your Entrance Counseling again for KU?  Is your MPN done?
      • Did you submit your Final HS transcript or Final College Transcript to Admissions?
      • Did you update your FAFSA to KU's code?

      Returning students

      • Did you file your FAFSA for 22/23 using 2020 taxes?

      Verification - Federal Tasks

      • Were tax items requested by the Financial Aid office such as tax transcripts or W-2's or a verification form turned in?  These items once turned in must be reviewed and aid will NOT show for up to 2 weeks. Do NOT delay on responding.
      • Anything else seen as needed in the To Do's?

      Eligibility / Progress

      All students must make progress academically to meet financial aid progress requirements and receive federal aid. Students will receive a warning/probation semester if they are not meeting the requirements. The next semester, if they are still not meeting progress needs, they will no longer receive federal aid. This includes Stafford Loans, Parent PLUS loans, Pell Grants, SEOG grants and more.

    • I just can't pay this bill, what are additional funding options?

      We offer and share many additional ways to pay the bill other than paying it in full by the due date. We offer payment plans and share additional loan options

      Did you know if a dependent student who is eligible to receive federal aid has a parent apply for a Parent PLUS loan and the parent is denied the Parent PLUS loan, with no other approvals on file, the student may be entitled to additional Stafford Unsubsidized Loans in their own name. This often can really bridge that gap in need. Financial Aid Services can provide more information as needed (610-683-4077).

    • I know all of my books/materials aren't on my bill, but how can I use my aid to pay for my books that I need other than the Inclusive Access items?

      Books are critical for success! The earlier you can get them, the better. Since financial aid won't arrive until the 3rd week of the semester or later, we don't want you to wait for your overpayment refund to buy your books.

      We offer a bookstore account program at KU for our students who have Pending Aid that is greater than their charges. This will allow you an account for a specific amount of money you can cover at our KU Campus Store. Required texts, required supplies, and computers. This does not include paper, pencils, clothing and food purchases in the store. Review our website online and apply no sooner than 2 weeks before the fall or spring semesters. This program is not an option in the summer or winter.

      Some professors have selected online books, materials or access codes. These now are automatically billed to your account if you enroll in these courses. This is called Inclusive Access.

    • My employer pays some of my bill, can I pay later after I turn in my grades?

      While we cannot postpone the due date for all of your charges, you may request for some of them to be deferred to a later due date assigned by KU. Students wishing to use this payment option, need to request an Employer Reimbursement Deferment using our online form. The student's proof of this benefit entitlement must be uploaded with the request form. In addition, the student making the request needs to pay $400 per course, plus any inclusive access fees or institute fees. The payment plan option is not available for these payments.

      1. Request deferment online
      2. Upload proof of benefit with an online request (email it separately if needed)
      3. Pay $400 per course (plus any inclusive access fees or institute fees)

      All items are required by the due date assigned to be considered for this deferment. Previous delinquencies may result in a denial of this request.

      Approvals will be seen online in MyKU > KU Tasks tile > Positive Indicators

    • What is the Inclusive Access charge on my bill?

      Great question!

      Inclusive Access means a particular course or courses you are taking have materials that we are making available to you from Day 1. These are guaranteed the lowest prices and materials the professor feels will support your growth in their course. As this program grows, you will see these charge may cover an access code to a third party site, online books, online materials and in some cases, some art materials.  Please visit the KU Campus Store website for more information regarding Inclusive Access, your right to opt-out of using these materials and more.

    • I have small charges from last semester, will my next semester's aid pay them for me?

      No, I am sorry. The current semester or session aid cannot pay a prior semester or session. Therefore if you still owe funds from a prior semester or session, you will need to make payment to avoid a late fee, if not already assessed. If you have a hold on your account from non-payment of this prior semester or session amounts, you may be blocked from certain actions such as registration. Check your holds online in MyKU to see what the hold impacts. Warnings for example only block transcripts.

    • I am taking additional loans to help me pay for my off-campus housing, books and other necessities, how do I get this money?

      Refunds are released starting the 3rd week of the semester and only when the account is actually overpaid with disbursed aid (not pending or awarded). These refunds are released to students by BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. For books, please see our bookstore account program.

      When you started at KU, you were mailed a green envelope from BankMobile Disbursements. This mailing contained a refund code. Use that code and log into There you will choose how you will get any refunds you are due from KU while you are here. You can choose Direct Deposit to your own personal bank account (checking or savings) OR you can choose to open a bank account with BankMobile.

      If you have misplaced this green envelope, email from your KU email to request a code be emailed to you (the code will only be good for 24 hours).

      If you made a selection when you started at KU and need to change it, but can't remember your password information, you can click on Forgot Password at or call them at 866-730-6627. We cannot assist with resetting passwords, sorry.

      Parents sometimes get a refund if the refund is a direct result of a parent loan and the parent selected that they wanted any overpayments on their loan application. Parents will only get paper checks in the mail. Parents can designate on the loan application to allow overpayments to go to the student since the student has a direct deposit option for refunds.

    • I am still confused - what should I do?

      Call us at 610-683-4133 or email us at

      If you need Financial Aid help though - call them at 610-683-4077 or email them - they take a bit longer to reply to emails so please be patient or call them.

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