MSW Mission & Goals


The Master of Social Work Program at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania is dedicated to elevating the quality of life for Pennsylvania's families in all their diverse forms and backgrounds. Through the program's curricular and programmatic activities, it aspires to prepare competent, autonomous professionals--grounded in core social work values--to develop social work knowledge and skills and to provide leadership in the development of policy for service delivery systems. Overall, the program works with and on behalf of families to create an equitable social environment in which the family--as a pivotal social institution--functions to assist individuals to realize their fullest potential for accomplishing goals, for developing resources, for preventing and alleviating personal distress and social injustice, for finding personal fulfillment, and for making social contribution.

Program Goals

Goal 1 - Integrate Theory into Practice: To help graduates use critical thinking and integrate liberal arts and professional knowledge, values and skills into the development of a generalist perspective for social work practice with individuals, families, groups, communities and organizations.

Goal 2 - Celebrate Diversity: To help graduates recognize the intersectionality of human diversity, acquire knowledge related to diverse populations for professional practice, and acquire skills for change - including reflection and self-regulation - to achieve the goals of clients and constituencies.

Goal 3 - Conduct Policy Practice: To prepare graduates to understand social policy and its impact on the delivery of and access to social services and to participate in efforts to assure that policy advances social, economic, and environmental justice.

Goal 4 - Assume Professional Identity: To motivate graduates to assume responsibility for continuing professional growth and evidence-informed, life-long learning to inform practice, policy, and service delivery.

Goal 5 - Incorporate Family-in-Environment Practice Perspective: To produce advanced generalist practitioners with a knowledge concentration in family in environment who are able to respond with multi-level practice to the needs of the institution of the family so that its members realize their fullest potential for personal fulfillment and social contribution.

Goal 6 - Gain Specialized Knowledge: To promote an effective, efficient and humane social service delivery network in the program service area through community need-driven, specialized knowledge.

Goal 7 - Conduct Autonomous Practice: To graduate autonomous practitioners with a clear professional identity, including commitment to the NASW Code of Ethics and identified needs for future professional growth.