Social Work Textbook Lending Library

The Department of Social Work has developed a Textbook Lending Library that will facilitate access to educational materials/resources throughout bachelor of social work students’ educational career.  The library operates through the department and provides a lending service of essential educational materials to our students.  Our initial fundraising goal is $ 55,000.  


  • Students consistently rely on textbooks available through limited physical reserves at the library.
  • Lack of access to all required textbooks and other educational resources has been found to significantly decrease academic performance (McKenzie,2017).
  • Many students struggle to afford textbooks and other educational materials due to basic need insecurity and affordability issues. (Whitford, 2018).


Your Contribution in Action
  • Your $ 50-150 donation could assist one student with one textbook  
  • Your $ 950 donation could assist one student with textbooks through their entire BSW education  
  • Your $ 1,500-3,750 donation could support textbooks for an entire course.
  • Donate what you can!