Social Work Events


  • March 3, 2023

    The Kutztown University Community Forum, organized by the Department of Social Work, is a gathering of social work professionals, university community members, and community leaders. The purpose is to raise consciousness about—and craft solutions to—community needs, particularly as they pertain to families.


  • May 2023

    A celebration for graduating BSW, MSW and DSW students and alumni. 


  • November 3, 2023

    This year’s conference on Social Work in the Global Environment aims to contribute to the local-global perspective in social work, utilizing the strategy: Thinking globally and acting locally.

  • January 12, 2024

    The Clinical Updates Colloquium is held each January.  It consists of a clinical updates session as well as a suicide prevention session.  CEU's are offered at this event. 

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Current Campaign - SUStainable lending library

The Department of Social Work has developed Sustainable Textbook Lending Library that facilitates access to educational materials/resources throughout bachelor of social work students’ educational career.  The library operates through the department and provides a lending service of essential educational materials to our students.