Director of KU Presents! to Co-Host New Arts-Related Podcast

Photo of podcast hosts.

KUTZTOWN, Pa. – Kutztown University's director of KU Presents! Bryan Zellmer will co-host a new podcast set to air Wednesday, Oct. 19. Entitled, “There’s No Business Like…,” this podcast explores topics and discussions with leaders of the professional theatrical touring industry. The podcast can be found on many popular platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Podbean, Amazon Music as well as many other apps.

The five podcast co-hosts, known as the “Quad Producers,” will discuss a variety of arts-related topics and will have a special guest industry leader each week to spotlight the diversity and culture within this field. Among the other co-hosts include Josh Benson, executive director at Marion Cultural and Civic Center in Marion, Illinois, Kevin Maynard, executive director of Quad City Arts in Galesburg, Illinois, Katie Miller, manager of Community Engagement at Midland Center for the Arts in Michigan and Danielle Van Hook, director of Youth Theater Programs at The Robert Ames Alden Theater in McLean, Virginia. Zellmer and his co-hosts will bring unique perspectives to the podcast to promote the wonders that this industry has to offer.

​​The first episode will be released Wednesday, Oct. 19, and a new episode will come out every Wednesday. There are currently more than 30 interviews ready to be released, with many more in the works. The podcast trailer was released Oct. 5, which has received positive attention and feedback from industry colleagues.

The tie-in with KU, beyond Zellmer representing the university and bringing national recognition to KU Presents! as a leader in the performing arts industry, is the excitement by KU faculty who teach the arts administration classes, both undergraduate and graduate level. They were given advanced access to preview the first full episode and were very impressed with the podcast. In addition to KU, there are several other of the university’s arts administration faculty that have expressed interest in the podcast because they think it could be a great tool to accompany their class materials.

Zellmer’s art administration background covers a range of venues including a 10,000-seat amphitheater, casino lounge, historic theaters and university performing arts centers. He has a Master of Business Administration and his professional endeavors include marketing, entrepreneurship, theater and festivals. As the director of KU Presents!, Zellmer is dedicated to making KU the center of cultural life for the regional community through professional presentations of innovative and engaging live music, theater and dance of the highest quality. He is a passionate father to his four children and loves to write original music and comedy.

“Our industry heavily relies on relational transactions, which means getting to really know our colleagues. With so many new people entering from other industries or fresh out of college, this podcast helps introduce many of the mentors out there, as well as provides discussions about how different folks in the performing arts world go about doing their business,” Zellmer said. “I am  honored to be invited to join this group of colleagues in making this podcast.”

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