Students Can Set Up to Achieve Their Career Goals at Annual Internship and Job Fair

Students at 2018 Internship and Job Fair.

2018 Internship and Job Fair.

KUTZTOWN, Pa. – The Career Development Center at Kutztown University aids students in finding and making connections within their field to establish their career path, as well as preparing students to find opportunities after graduation. To assist students, the Career Development Center hosts an Internship and Job fair every year.

To cater to students' personal preference, the Career Development Center is hosting two Internship and Jobs fairs – one in person noon-3 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 13, at 218 McFarland Student Union, and one virtual (Oct. 26). All students, no matter their academic year, are highly encouraged to attend.

"This is a great networking opportunity for students, whether or not they are looking for a job or internship," said Chad Ganley, assistant director of the Career Development Center.

A student does not need to know what exactly they want to do for a career in order to attend. In fact, Ganley encourages undecided students to attend the fair and find employers that work in fields that may potentially interest them.

Underclassmen may be hesitant to attend the event thinking that finding an internship or job is the last of their worries, but Ganley states, "It may be more important for underclassmen to go, give out their resume and talk to the employers at the fair – just for networking purposes."

If attending the in-person fair, students can give an "elevator pitch" to employers and take the time to hear about the company that is being represented. Students are advised to research the employers and companies before attending the event just to have an idea of where they should go.

A resume must be provided and students are highly encouraged to have them reviewed before giving them out. Appropriate, professional attire is to be worn to get into the event (students will not be allowed into the fair if their attire does not match these guidelines).

If students feel more comfortable doing the fair virtually via Zoom, they must log in to the Handshake website (here) for Kutztown to sign up for time slots with specific employers and companies. Registration is required.

The Handshake website also provides a list of other events that students may find useful as well as courses that prepare students with skills necessary for employment such as interviewing, resume building, etc.

Many Kutztown University alumni will be in attendance for this event, representing their companies.

Further questions can be directed to the Career Development Center at 610-683-4067 or